What We Do

What We Do

Our goal is share God’s kindness and generosity with all whom we encounter. We feel it is an essential part of who we wish to be. We reach out so serve
the larger community and beyond. Here are some of our ministries.

  • Maureen’s Haven (feeding the homeless)
  • CWS (Blankets and hygiene kit collections)
  • Disaster assistance (UCC)
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Yearly Scholarship Programs (for local High School graduates)
  • Blind and Sighted (program for the blind)
  • AA
  • NA
  • Long Island Council of Churches – (Food Pantry)
  • Crop walk
  • Fair Trade Market
  • Blessing of the animals
  • Support for Veteran’s of the Cross

Maureen’s Haven

​         Maureen’s Haven began in 2002, and was begun about 15 years ago here in the Riverhead area.  At first, there were only 4 churches participating.  Now, several more have come on board.  The goal of Maureen’s Haven is to provide safe and warm temporary shelter to the homeless. They utilize volunteer houses of worship and congregation volunteers. Much more is provided than a meal and a place to sleep … they provide support through embracing the values of human dignity, respect, service, compassion, teamwork, and love. The Maureen’s Haven ‘season’ begins in November and goes through March.  There have been instances when the weather has been cold in April and an extension of the program was done.  In the same fashion, when the weather is mild in November, the start time is delayed.  The start time will be decided on the Saturday before November 6, the date that Old Steeple Community Church will begin the program.  ANYONE is able to help/volunteer. Contact Old Steeple if you’d like to be a volunteer.

Community Center for Blind and Sighted

         An Aquebogue resident named Marion Dillingham used to drive several persons to western Long Island to the Industrial Center for the Blind.  When that closed, the Community Center for the Blind and Sighted was begun 43 years ago in eastern towns. The first meeting place for a gathering of the blind on the East End was in the United Methodist Church on Main Street in Riverhead. More than 20 years ago the Center moved to Old Steeple Community Church. The focus is upon gathering together socially and sharing hints and information on how the blind could increase their mobility and other educational tips. The blind and sight impaired share what works for them and the sighted volunteers are on hand to serve coffee and treats and assist the blind when they express a desire to explore something new. The volunteers set up parties for various holidays, arrange outings to Gossman’s in Montauk, trips to visit the Seeing Eye Dog training center, etc.  It is basically a social time once a week for persons to share their thoughts on a common disability. The group always has a President and Vice-President selected from the blind in the group and the secretary and Treasurer are sighted.  At one time there were between 35-40 + in the group with many coming from areas well to the west. The western group broke off after some years due to the long distance to arrive here in Riverhead. The core group now stands at about 20-25. The group would be best described as a social gathering. It is a time for both blind and sighted to share time together. It is a time for some fun as we have game days (bingo, family feud and other word games), celebrate holidays and birthdays, and once a month share a pot luck meal together. We have an Annual picnic at the Mattituck park, an annual anniversary luncheon; and the Riverhead Lion’s Club invites us to a Thanksgiving meal at Digger’s Restaurant every year. All are invited to come.  The spouse or caregiver of the blind person is also welcomed. If you are interested in helping or joining, contact Old Steeple Church at 631-722-3070.