Greetings! 2017 has come and gone with its
many different experiences. Some have experienced the
sadness of loss, of a loved one’s illness or a personal health
challenge. To you we reach out and offer our presence and
our support. May God’s presence comfort you.
Others have had a good year. A year of new experiences, of
engaging life and living it to the fullest.
To all, may this New Year be one of personal growth. Let us
find ways to expand our horizons, think about the way we
live our lives and adapt our lives where needed. Some things
need to be pruned out of our lives, just as we would do with
a vineyard. Other aspects of our lives may need some tender
loving care. Maybe a little more time for yourself or your
loved ones, set aside, made sacred by your commitment to
love deeper and more fiercely.
Above all, may we find ways to walk together with others in
ways that bring peace and goodwill to the world. After all,
that is the overriding message of Christmas — “do not be
afraid, discover your better angels, share the goodwill
engendered by a loving God.”
I will be back in the office on January 8. Henza and I hope
to enjoy our family from South Africa in this time, to visit with
our sons and then to make a quick visit to see friends in
Peace and joy to all!