Prayer List

Prayers and Concerns

Those in harm’s way who serve our country including Christopher Mascia, Amanda Tinter, Ben Pileski, Rebecca Needham, and William Gilmore, Jr., and Justin Kruel. Prayers and concerns also to the family and friends of John Andresen.

At Home or in the Hospital

Ray Atkins
Christopher Bandy
Elena Cline
Robyn Duvall
Barbara Fein
Karen Fleischman
Hannah Galinski
Carol Lee
Lucas Mascia
Everett Rosset
Fred Sherman
Alice Summerville

Also, please remember:
Gerry Hegner
Gene Goodale
Bo Goodale
Scotty Robertson

Please let us know of any additions or changes. Contact the church office at 631-722-3070; or e-mail; or give a note to Gail or Pastor Anton with the person in need of prayer. Also include your name, and let that person know that those at Old Steeple will be praying for them. Also, unless you let us know to do otherwise, names will remain on our list for six weeks and then will be removed. Thank you.